A Call to live deeper

We are in a time between worlds, the old one is collapsing and the new world is emerging. The feminine is no longer just rising. She is roaring.

Are you hearing the call…

  •  to connect with ritual and the rhythms of nature?
  •  to gather with other women, reweave the wisdom of our ancestors and do sacred work of the   feminine
  •  to live more deeply, from the inner sacred?

Because deep down you have a wise mystical heart. 

This is the call of your soul

I'm so glad you're here. I know because I've been there too. Over a decade ago, the wisdom of my ancestors, in particular the Celtic Wheel, helped me to make sense of crisis, loss, death & uncertainty; helped me allowed me to let go of a life that was not serving me and transform it into one that was aligned to my soul.

Here at the Celtic Wheel we are a community of maidens, mothers and crones from all walks of life. We are edge-walkers, stay-at-home mamas, artists, change-makers, entrepreneurs, civil servants, creatrixes, teachers, lovers, loners, wild ones and quiet ones who have sacred work to do.


The Celtic Wheel 2022/23 is a year-long Immram (soul journey) designed for women who want to reclaim their buried feminine wisdom and their sovereign power.

The Immram gifts us with Silver Branch Perception. In the Celtic mythology Silver Branch Perceptions is a way of seeing deeper beyond the linear and the "known". Thats a gift we all need in this liminal time.


The Celtic Wheel is the ritual calendar handed down to us from our Celtic and pre-Celtic ancestors. Our Celtic ancestors, the ancient people of Ireland were rooted in the rhythms of nature and the cosmos. The land was honoured as feminine and they deeply understood the interconnectedness of all things. 

The world of strive-drive, over-culture and progress at all costs is collapsing around us. We, as women, are exhausted living that way. The Celtic Wheel is an ancient map that can help bring us women back into balance.

with Mari Kennedy

"Mari is one of the greatest teachers I have had the great fortune to spend time with. She is unafraid to hold both the light and dark. In these times we are living in, to me Mari embodies the energy that is so needed to elevate and live truly authentically."

— Carrie Anne Moss, USA

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Level I

You will journey through the Celtic Wheel through a a SELF-LED programme. 

Before each of the 8 festivals, you will receive material for that season.

You will receive videos audios and worksheets that will guide and inform you.  

There are no live calls for Level I.
It is not a prerequisite for Level II.


Level II

You will travel through the 8 festivals of the Celtic Wheel, on an Immrama sacred soul journey, with me. You will join a sisterhood of Bean Feasas (wise women) across the planet on the same voyage.

You will be part of live ritual calls and deeper dive calls, teachings and practices that will help you embody indigenous Celtic wisdom and weave it into your life. 


October 5 2022 



Ignite the deep wisdom that resides in you. We will access 3 sources of wisdom: the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, contemporary evolutionary wisdom and the intuitive wisdom you hold so you can live with more discernment, with ease and on-purpose.


Embark on this 21st century Heroine’s Journey through the Celtic Wheel. Resurrect your buried feminine. Reclaim your healthy masculine. So that you become more intuitive, dynamic, clear and sovereign.


Become part of a web of women around the world who are taking their place as wisdom keepers in their families, communities and in their work. A sisterhood of women who support and inspire each other to be more real, sovereign and authentic so together, we can weave a new world into being.



Bring the power of personal and collective ritual into your life as we follow the cycle of seasons. Every 6-7 weeks, at each festival, we will step out of our linear lives, pause and celebrate the threshold with ritual so you learn to trust in your deeper essence and inner authority.


Reconnect with the land and mother nature at this time of crisis on our planet. Come back into relationship with its sacred intelligence which will resource you and nourish you. Connecting with nature in the way our ancestors did, is an act of personal activism. You will become more grounded, stable and feel more empowered to take inspired action in the world.


Learn to become a skilful mediator of polarity and opposite forces in your life – feminine and masculine, darkness and light, interior and exterior, loss and achievement, joy and sorrow, power and disempowerment. Learning to dance with the opposites you will become more resilient and available to your life.


We will draw on the mythology of Ireland . We will explore the sacred sites, the thin places, the archetypes, symbols, Gods and Goddesses, the Queens  and Kings that live in Celtic consciousness so you live into your own mythology.


Experiment with both ancient and contemporary wisdom practices that will help you live and embody the wisdom of each season. Start a practice or deepen your daily practice through the year to help free you from old habitual compulsive patterns that are keeping you small.

Access an ancient map that holds medicine for this profound time of transformation

“The journey on the Celtic Wheel with Mari is such a wonderful experience. What I like about Mari is that she walks the talk. The richness of her wisdom, her integrity & her generosity in sharing are a gift. You can go to whatever depths you like with this work. If you're called to join the wheel, do it, you won't look back”

Kate, Ireland 20/21 cycle


Mari Kennedy

Founder & Celtic Wheel Wisdom Teacher

THE CELTIC WHEEL found its way to me in 2011 when I was in a very challenging and desolate place. For the preceding five years my life was in a constant state of flux, falling apart and loss. 

In April that year my father was dying. I now know that the Celtic Wheel was his passing gift to me.  It happened in a mythic moment of broken-heartedness in the auspicious Hazel Wood in Sligo in the West of Ireland. 

A month later I met my teacher in this tradition, Dolores Whelan, a true Carrier of the Flame of Celtic Consciousness for the past 30 years, in Ireland.

Read more…

Sandy Dunlop

Celtic Wheel Mythology Guide  

Sandy will join us for Level II as our guide in Celtic mythology. 

Sandy founded Bard Mythologies with his wife Ellen O’Malley Dunlop. Together with the Bard team they have run the Bard Summer School for the last 20 years on Clare Island, Co. Mayo, as well as a series of Myth workshops in The Pearse Museum, Rathfarnham. For the last 18 months the Bard has run a Zoom Series “Through Nine Waves” which is an exploration based on Oral Storytelling of Ancient and Medieval Ireland’s vast and unique literature. 

Plans for a Bard School inspired by the ancient Bardic Schools and the Hedge Schools of the Penal Law are well underway. The school will offer a professional training for anyone interested in weaving myth and archetype into their work.

For 25 years Sandy ran a Global Branding Consultancy called Alexander Dunlop (ADL). The Consultancy worked with the world’s largest Consumer Goods Companies, such as Unilever, Danone, Diageo, Miller Brewing Company (Milwaukee), Helene Curtis (Chicago), Coca Cola, Nestle. The expertise of the company is in the application of Archetype, Story and Myth to building Global Brands. 

He  was born in India. Ellen and Sandy have four boys. He is an Irish Citizen.

See  https://bardmythologies.com for more  

5. team

Katie Joyce Holmes

Celtic Wheel Community Co-Ordinator/Facilitator

Like many women I found the Wheel when I was in a place of great flux and held an unmistakable desire to live from my most ancient, divine and truest self. 

I’ve been on the Wheel since it’s initiation and every year its roots go deeper and I move into more easeful places with every challenge, every joy and every growth-edge.

I am an artist, poet, dancer and Pilates teacher.

“I can not recommend Mari Kennedy and the Celtic Wheel program enough. I wanted to learn a little more about my ancestry and the seasons, but I got a whole lot more out of my time on this journey. It is a deeply spiritual and self-reflective experience, seeped in meaning and wisdom and I have come away with a profound sense of purpose and agency, confidence and belonging. Mari is a beacon of light for the rising collective and it was an honour to be guided by her incredible insights, encouragement and compassion.”
Lisa, Ireland, 21/22 cycle


If you have any questions about The Celtic Wheel, email us on info@thecelticwheel.net

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