We celebrate eight festivals throughout the year. These ritual thresholds include 4 earth festivals (cross quarter days) and 4 solar festivals (solstices and equinoxes).


Death and the descent of lifeforce 

October/November (Fixed day: 31 October) 

Earth festival
Ritual threshold of  Winter
The start of the Giamos (dark) half of the year

  • The invitation: Letting go, shedding, surrendering
  • The challenge: Loss, death, disruption
  • The movement: Descent into the fecund darkness
  • The gifts: Reclaiming our buried feminine, Soul initiation
  • The wisdom: Everything, all beginnings,  start in the darkness
  • The archetypes/ symbols: The Cailleach, the Crone

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Winter Solstice

Dormant seeds in the depths of the earth   

21 December 2021

Solar festival
Ritual threshold of midwinter
The return of the light
The moment that the Summer Solstice is born

  • The invitation: Resting in the emptiness of the void, dropping into Dreamtime
  • The challenge: Trusting the dark night of the soul, staying inward
  • The movement: Dormant stillness and the subtle beginning of the ascent
  • The gifts: Connection to our deep inner feminine intelligence, illumination of our Dán (Soul destiny) 
  • The wisdom: the mysterious potency of darkness 
  • The archetypes/ symbols: The Cailleach


Nature awakening from dormancy

Early February (Fixed day: 1 February) 

Earth Festival
Ritual threshold of Spring
Feminine, with the stirrings of the masculine 

  • The invitation: Gathering our energy, attending to the seeds of our Dán
  • The challenge: Clarifying our intentions, launching fiery arrows from our soul
  • The movement: Emergence, awakening 
  • The gifts: Deepening the potency of our inner feminine 
  • The wisdom: The power of focused intention, staying inward, and discernment
  • The archetype/ symbol: Brigid, Goddess, Fiery Arrows, Bringer of the Dawn, Maiden and Saint, Brigid’s Cross 

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Spring Equinox


New growth, returning fertility, life force rising 
20 March 2022 

Solar Festival 
Ritual threshold of mid Spring
Equal night, equal day 

The invitation: To create from the fertile dance of the opposites 
The challenge: Commitment to our Souls deepest purpose 
The movement: Rising upward 
The gifts: Our inner masculine arising effortlessly from our inner feminine 
The wisdom: Beyond polarity, the alchemy of manifestation, ‘the third thing’
The archetype/symbols: Brigid, Goddess, Fiery Arrow, infinity sign 

Mari has led us through the Celtic wheel with grace , care and humor. Who knew we would be living within a pandemic. The Web of women, led by Mari, has been a touchstone, providing me with community, a safe place to feel, share and learn! With the guidance of Celtic Wheel wisdom I let go of several things that were not serving me and developed new skills! Mari creates a warm, no pressure to participate and travel at your own pace environment! I am looking forward to continuing traveling with Mari, through another Celtic Wheel year! Go raibh maith agat! Slán.

Patricia, USA, 19/20 and 20/21 cycles

The Celtic Wheel is a journey that will expand your understanding of the Celtic Wisdom and Ways. The year-long course shares the knowledge which is so needed in today's world to restore balance in beings and the planet. Learn a way of living supported by nature - in community. My year on the Celtic Wheel has grounded me - opened my thinking and deepened my knowledge of the power of the Celtic Wisdom and Traditions. Thank you Mari - for sharing your wisdom. Your knowledge and sensitivity has been a true gift and inspiration.

Maureen, Wicklow, 2019 cycle



Budding and flowering 
Early May (Fixed day: 1 May)

Earth Festival
Ritual threshold of Summer
The start of the Samos (light) half of the year

The invitation: The sacred marriage of the inner feminine and inner masculine as we take action in service to our Dán 
The challenge: To take risks to step outside our comfort zone, gather our allies as we blossom into our Soul’s potential 
The movement: Rising open and expanding from our roots
The gifts: Invoking our inner masculine in service to our inner feminine 
The wisdom: Living from our sovereign centre 
Mythology/ archetype: Belenos, The Queen, Goddess of Sovereignty, The King

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Summer Solstice


Full  Blossoming
21 June

Solar Festival 
Ritual threshold of mid Summer 
Beginnings of the return to darkness

The invitation: To blossom open, to shine in our full power and potential 
The challenge: To claim the power and the vulnerability of our full potential
The movement: Radiating
The gifts: Integration of our inner feminine and inner masculine sources of power 
The wisdom: The vulnerability of full blossoming and shining 
Mythology/ archetype: Niall of the Nine Hostages, Áine Sovereign Goddess of the Summer



Ripe, abundant and succulent   
Early August (Fixed day: 1 August)

Earth Festival
Ritual threshold of Autumn
The first harvest 

The invitation: Gather with our tribe to feast and harvest our gifts as women and our blessings 
The challenge: Pause to celebrate, let in the good and claim our gifts and visibility  
The movement: Pulsing 
The gifts: Our inner masculine tempered by our  inner feminine   
The wisdom: The dance of sadness and joy, effort and ease
Mythology/ archetype: Lugh, the Samhaildánach and his foster mother Tailtiú  


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Autumn Equinox

The final glorious blast of colour, warmth and fruits
 23 September 2022

Solar festival                                                         
Ritual threshold of mid-Autumn 
The final harvest 

The invitation: Honour the transition from fertile and action to the fallow and inaction.
The challenge: Working with completion, reaping what we have sown in preparation to deepen the spiral into the next cycle
The movement: Pausing to exhale and complete 
The gifts: Integrating the polarities as our masculine mode yields to our feminine
The wisdom: The  power of completions  
Mythology/ archetype: Infinity symbol and the Dance of Opposites


*** Note all dates are in local Irish time

“Mari is completely authentic and brings alive the Celtic Wheel in a way that I don't believe anyone else would achieve. The course itself shows you another way to live in this world, in tune with the seasons and shows you how you can have seasons within seasons. I wasn't expecting the sense of belonging and kinship that I found and it is life changing to belong to such a widely spread group of wonderful female wisdom holders across the world”

Helen, Meath 2019 cycle


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