This is a year-long self-led programme exploring each of the 8 festivals in the Celtic year.

The Celtic Wheel Level I is for you if...

You will receive

  • An introduction video ‘The journey through the The Celtic Wheel’
  • 8 Celtic Festival videos and audio recordings: The Celtic Wheel starts with the festival of Samhain (October 31st). Every season you will receive a video and audio recording in which I will guide you through the themes, mythology, folk traditions and rituals of that festival
  • 8 Celtic Festival Worksheets for each festival that will help you prepare for the ritual, explore the wisdom, themes, gifts and challenges of each season and apply this ancient wisdom to your contemporary life
  • There are no live calls for Level I. And it is not a prerequisite for Level II.


As we journey through the Wheel in 2021/2022 you will receive videos and worksheets that will guide you through the changing themes and energies of each season.

Samhain – Winter Solstice – Imbolc – Spring Equinox – Bealtaine – Summer Solstice – Lughnasa – Autumn Equinox


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