In the 2021/22 Celtic Wheel cycle, Level II is  a mythical journey of discovery around the Celtic ritual calendar inspired by the myth of the Odyssey of Cessair. 

This is the deepest way to work with me. An immersive interactive deep dive into the Celtic Wheel in community with other women drawn to this lineage.

The Celtic Wheel Level II is for you if...

  • You want to gather with other women where you can explore, learn and practice the deeper sacred ways of the feminine in a contemporary way.
  • You are drawn to the mysticism and ancient lineage of Ireland and the Celtic world
  • You are kick-ass competent, a ninja at spinning multiple plates in the air, you get things done but you feel like you’ve sacrificed your soft juicy succulent feminine in all the “doing’
  • You are done with feeling out of balance, tired and wired, exhausted and overwhelmed
  • You feel called to step into your feminine leadership in service to a world in crisis.

As we voyage through the 2021/22 ritual year together
we will be working with three wisdoms from our rich mythology which can inspire us to

1. The wisdom of the Goddess Ceasair

Cessair was the fiesty leader of the first inhabitants of Ireland. She was refused a place on Noah’s Ark. So she built three more arks, gathered 50 women (the Mothers of the World) and 3 men. They set sail for Inis Fáil (Land of Destiny, or Ireland) to start anew. As we travel together we  invoke our inner Ceasair and become new world-makers.

2. The wisdom of Silver Branch Perception

“The Irish encounter with the divine was not a thunder god Yahweh who frightened and commanded, offering tablets of stone, rather it was a sea god, Manannán Mac Lir, whose gift was a Silver Branch , a way of seeing, seeing deeply” Sandy Dunlop.  

Our year long voyage will invoke this wiser, more sovereign Silver Branch perception in us which allows us to see with  new eyes ……beyond and beneath “the matrix”! 

3. The wisdom of the Sacred Centre

We will encounter the idea of the mythical fifth province (cúige), a unifying mythical centre. We will take up the invitation into the  sacred marriage(banais ríghe) of our inner feminine and masculine at the sacred centre as we redefine power and reclaim our sovereignty as women.

As we set sail on our journey you will:

  • Bring practice, ritual and sacredness into your everyday life
  • Attune to the bigger cycles of nature and the cosmos through the Celtic festivals 
  • Reclaim your healthy intuitive feminine and balance it with your healthy kick-ass masculine
  • Awaken your Bean Feasa, or (Wise-Woman) and live from that place of wisdom
  • Have an ancient map to work with that is both practical and mystical
  • Be part of a tribe of women connecting, supporting, learning together

“The transformation and remembrance through the Wheel is utterly astounding. As a perpetual student and mystical seeker of ancient wisdom and belief systems, my whole life, I was unprepared for the immense depth the Celtic Wheel has offered my experience of life. Mari guides and teaches with grace, knowledge, wisdom and authentic powerful service. The Wheel is the tether and vessel from which my entire spiritual life is now held and experienced through. So deeply and abundantly grateful to Mari and her team for the awakening and offering of my soul's remembrance. “

Stephanie, USA, 20/21 cycle

You will receive

  • 15 live calls with me. Click here for the Full Call List.
  • 9 ritual calls, one at each festival to connect, learn, share and celebrate together with a ritual
  • 6 deep dive calls in between the festivals to deepen into the  material, the mythology and gather  dialogue to ignite our collective wisdom
  • A recording of each call in case if you cannot attend on the day.
  • A Festival video, audio recording and worksheet one week before each festival with the teaching to help prepare you for the seasonal energies and ritual.
  • Every two weeks you will receive material and a practice related to that time in the cycle including meditation, inquiry and embodied practices
  • Access to the Membership Area where all your materials will be available throughout the year
  • Membership of a closed Facebook group
  • Level I is not a pre-requisite to take part in Level II

Mari holds a very safe and sacred space and holds the web of women so gently as we move through the rhythms and cycles of the seasons of the Celtic Wheel. I felt so supported and held inwardly and outwardly by Mari and this group as we explored all the ups and downs.

Wyndee, Gloucester MA USA, 19/20 and 20/21 cycle